Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Stuck (2007)

This isn't a film that I've seen, just one that I found out about today. Back several years ago when I was trying to decide what story to tell for my USC thesis film, the true story of the woman in Fort Worth who hit a guy with her car and let him bleed to death in her windshield for several days was especially interesting to me and I wrote a 12-page version of it. I eventually gave up on the idea because I couldn't figure out how to keep it from being static, with two characters frozen in place, and I moved on to more dynamic landscapes.

Thankfully, Stuart Gordon has made what sounds like a really good film out of the concept and I don't have to worry about my short film being compared directly to an acclaimed feature. I hope this doesn't just go direct-to-DVD because it should be great.


cjKennedy said...

It's like...Stuart Gordon's Life Boat.

frankbooth said...

Looking forward. He's been on a mini-roll. Dagon was a return to form, King of the Ants was half a good movie and Edmund was disturbing and well-made adaptation that was neglected because of its director's lack of pedigree.

It's nice to see Gordon re-animated.

cjKennedy said...

I loved Edmond. Took me totally by surprise. I didn't even realize it was Gordon until I put the DVD in. It was just a William H. Macy movie that touched theaters for a week and left before I'd had a chance to check it out.

Good stuff.