Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Two things: Mitt Romney really is spineless. When he said during Tuesday's Republican debate that, given the decision to use American military force against a target or wait for the approval of Congress, that he would check with his lawyers, you could practically sense that the GOP might be figuring it out as well. He's going to turn out to be too wishy-washy to be their nominee, at this rate.

Also, does anyone know if there's some way to put up a list of 'recent posts' on a side column here? Is that something that Blogger doesn't support?[UPDATE] I mean, 'recent comments'. 'Recent posts' I got.


Matthew Dessem said...

I believe it's part of the template. We're using the same basic one, Minima or whatever -- but your version looks correct under IE7 and mine does not -- however, mine has the recent posts and yours doesn't, so perhaps we can combine forces and come up with a blog template to conquer the world.

Jeff McMahon said...

Hmmm, I should dissect your blog to see what makes it tick (yes, I still have Cronenberg on the brain).

erik said...

You should get the idea by now that any Massachusetts politician running for president is going to be "wishy-washy", especially a former governor. The office of governor in MA is merely a figurehead, and all the real power lies in the backroom dealings in the Statehouse with the Speaker.

Anyway, we all know that Law & Order star Fred Thompson is going to charm his way to the top!

frankbooth said...

Yeah, right.

Check out this photo (and story):

Answer honestly -- Is he or is he not a dead ringer for Bub the zombie?

frankbooth said...

Let's try that again and see if we can get the links to fit in the box.

Answer honestly -- Is he or is he not a dead ringer for Bub the zombie?

Jeff McMahon said...

Also I want to add that anyone who thinks that Tony Scott is the greatest director in the history of movies is either horribly deluded or fourteen years old.

frankbooth said...

Who said that about Tony Scott? Has actionman been visiting your blog?

Jeff McMahon said...

It was a reference to a conversation last night on Poland's blog with one "LexG". Next time I need to know how to write dialogue for a person undergoing 'roid rage I'll refer back to him.

frankbooth said...

Yeah, he's a fun one.

Oh, apparently I'm not the only one to notice the resemblance between Fred and Bub:

When did he get so old and wrinkly?