Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Open thread

Vent here.


dan said...

My comedical response to the original title:


cjKennedy said...

Has anyone else in LA had a bad experience at The Landmark lately?

Serious crowd maintenance issues.

Jeff McMahon said...

Please elaborate, I've never actually been there myself, living on the east side of town. What movie?

cjKennedy said...

In the Valley of Haggis. Saturday night. Massive clusterfuckage at the concession stand. The fancy snacks they brag about all take prep time and this slows the lines way down.

Wasn't a problem when they weren't as crowded.

For now I'll stick to Arclight. At least I know I won't run into D.Z.

frankbooth said...

Ceilings are groovy.

erik said...

Comcast can bite my ass.

Jeff McMahon said...

Verizon sucks too (and they're my phone company), apparently they have a problem with text messages sent out by NARAL and are claiming they're too 'controversial' for their customers.

The photo above was taken during the shoot of "Sleep in Heavenly Peace" during one of my more exhausted moments.

CJ, I went to see Dragon Wars on Tuesday night and was half-expecting to see him there.