Thursday, September 27, 2007

David Poland thinks he's funny but he isn't

For example, this.

It kind of reminds me of Cracked Magazine, where they would have a movie parody called "Hostile, Part Doo-Doo" and say it was directed by Eli (Blechh!) Rot.

The most insulting thing is, this is a guy who loved Marcus Nispel's The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, aka Jessica Biel in a Wet T-Shirt: The Horror Movie. I wish I understood that cognitive dissonance.


frankbooth said...

As you know, I'm no Roth fan. But that doesn't change the fact that Poland's attempts at humor are utterly juvenile and wretched, to the degree that I'm often embarrassed to read them.

Jeff McMahon said...

He needs an editor.

cjKennedy said...

I grow bored of H-E and MCN doesn't do anything for me.

House Next Door makes me feel like a dumbass.

What's a movie nerd to do anymore?

Jeff McMahon said...

House Next Door is good, the problem with it is that it requires a major time commitment to keep up. I can't just add any nonsensical yammering that might be in my head, I actually have to think about what I'm writing, dammit! Which obviously keeps the DZs of the world out.

More and more, though, Jeff Wells and David Poland seem to be unworthy of traffic.

Pete said...

For someone who goes to Poland and Wells site on a daily basis and posts numerous times, this is funny.

Jeff McMahon said...

Er, thank you, I hope.