Wednesday, September 05, 2007

LA Shorts Fest

My USC thesis film Sleep in Heavenly Peace is screening on Thursday at 3:15 pm at the LA Shorts Fest, which is at the Burbank AMC 6. Ask for Program 5.

As I've said before, I promise anyone who can make it the funniest Christmas-themed farm accident movie they've ever seen. Copies are also available on DVD, act now and get the bonus short Milf Tracker plus four others!


cjKennedy said...

I had every intention of going to see this until just now when I realized it's in the afternoon and I'll be at work.

I'm sorry I'll miss it.

Jeff McMahon said...

Yes, the scheduling is somewhat inconvenient. While I have plenty of DVDs for anyone who wants one, I also seem to have made the regrettable mistake (in our current day and age) of making a film that plays better in a theater with an audience than on an iPod.

cjKennedy said...

People who are content to be entertained alone with a microscopic screen in the palm of their hand and those infernal ear buds jammed into their ear holes don't deserve the entertainment they get.

I'm working on my cranky old man impression.

Where/how can I go about getting one of these DVDs I keep hearing so much about? If I can't sneak out of work today, I'd still like to check it out.

Jeff McMahon said...

Send your address to me at

frankbooth said...

Speaking of which, I'm sorry to have to ask you to send another. Mine has definitely vanished into the aether. I hope my postal carrier (or thieving neighbor) has a sick enough sense of humor to have enjoyed it.

You can also send any stills of naked actresses you might have lying around.

Jeff McMahon said...

Sorry, there seem to have been many copies which have disappeared into the maw of the USPS. I'll send another one out shortly.