Monday, December 15, 2008

Stephen King's 2008 Top Ten List

As a big fan of Stephen King, it's always interesting for me to see what he thinks of the world of movies, he's a guy with very regular, everyman tastes that he expresses with great clarity and intelligence, even when I disagree with him, or when it looks like he just flat-out hasn't seen very many movies. Here's his list for this year, if you want all the specifics, but here's the simple top ten too:

1. The Dark Knight
2. Slumdog Millionaire
3. Wall-E
4. Tropic Thunder
5. Funny Games
6. The Bank Job
7. Lakeview Terrace
8. The Ruins
9. Redbelt
10. Death Race

I haven't seen half of these - the only one that I know that I hate is the American Funny Games remake (nobody's perfect).


John M said...

News at 11! Proof that Stephen King likes male-centric thrillers!

I guess it's interesting for fans, Jefe, but I'm not sure this indicates any real connection King has to the "world of movies," exactly. It does prove that he lives within driving distance of a multiplex.

And it proves, apparently, that he doesn't watch foreign films with any regularity.

And that he likes...Jason Statham? A lot?

Why make a Top 10 List when you don't see that many movies? Kinda douchey.

Jeff McMahon said...

Wow John, you're so surprising.

John M said...

I know, I know. It's probably just my annoyance with a magazine like EW, which pays Stephen King a shit-ton of money to spend, say, 15 minutes a week crapping out retardedly middle-brow lists like these. So they take him for the equivalent of three or four critics who actually might, ya know, try. And rather than point his readers to new or exciting movies, he just burrows into his man-in-late-middle-age stupor and plucks a few random movies whose merits essentially amount to: "Well, I was in a good mood when I watched this one, and what the hell more do ya want." This is a top 10 list, and he's seen, I'd bet, maybe 20 movies this year?

I'm just saying is all. If I were a huge Stephen King fan, I'd want a little more from him.

Alexander Coleman said...

It's a rather uninspired Top Ten List. It doesn't seem like King sees many movies. A couple of these are worthy, though. The Funny Games remake was indeed rancid.

John M said...

I love all these comments about how rotten to the core the Funny Games remake is. The moralizing never ceases to amaze me.

Jeff McMahon said...

Okay, first things first: Yes, King's list is pretty lazy and not really that interesting, but posting it was easier than writing a review of Milk or Rachel Getting Married, so that's what I did. Sorry for my laziness.

Back to this year's interminable Funny Games debate: John, for one thing, I think you should explain your use of the word 'moralizing' in this context - I think it's a rotten movie, more pernicious than, say, your Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor or Mirrors or Twilight, because it tried so much harder to be important and meaningful.

And the other thing is, while you've nagged me quite a bit re: my dislike of Funny Games, I have yet to see you provide the positive argumment for why it's a good, worthwhile film that I should appreciate. If you feel so strongly, I'm sure it shouldn't be too hard to at least provide a link or something to make your case, right?

Also, John, I will be in NYC between Dec. 22-30 if you want to make your case in person (which would certainly be more fun.)

Sam Juliano said...

Hey Jeff, I read where you will be in NY from December 22 to the 30th! I wonder if you'd be up for meeting me, I'd love to say hello, and I could be anywhere in the city easy enough, as I live right across the Hudson River from the city! We can go to dinner too! Allan Fish is over from the UK, and will be staying with me until January 1st, so he can even come too.

Sam Juliano said...

Needless to say Jeff, a film could be negotiated too, if you wish, or I can even escort you over to my home to see my Criterion collection. LOL!

Jeff McMahon said...

Sam, I appreciate your invitation, I'm not sure about the logistics since I'll be at the mercy of my family's schedule while I'm in NYC, but I'll see what can be arranged. Can you provide your email address for more direct communication?

Sam Juliano said...

Jeff: my e mail address forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

glimmer said...

john m loved your male centric thriller bit. i usually just babble something about it being 'for the guys'.but i'm gonna steal your phrase. :)

glimmer said...

but uh intersting ??? he likes both slumdog and the dark knight and from thr words in recent a.d. thread that's sort of rare ???