Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Worst Movies of 2007

I'll get to the Oscars shortly, but first, in response to the Razzies, here's my list of the worst movies of 2007:
Also, for the record, here's my list of the ten worst movies of last year:

10. Smokin' Aces: A bizarre mishmash and miscalculation from Joe Carnahan.

9. In the Valley of Elah: Paul Haggis's lastest was less obviously annoying than Crash, but just as pedantic and condescending.

8. 300: This homophobic and xenophobic screed was partially redeemed by its cutting-edge visuals.

7. Finishing the Game: The inevitable crappy successor to the great Christopher Guest movies of the last several years.

6. Norbit: Eddie Murphy's bare id, revealed for all the world to see as pathetically self-loathing and misanthropic.

5. The Hitcher: Your standard pointless horror remake, jazzed up by pointlessly beautiful cinematography from a music-video director.

4. Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem: Your standard pointless sci-fi sequel, crudded up by dismal filmmaking and muddy cinematography.

3. The Reaping: This year's entry in the religious horror movie sweepstakes, which are always about proving the existence of God through fear and terror.

2. Saw IV: Lazy and badly made all the way around.

1. Severe Visibility: Nobody saw this 9/11 conspiracy movie, which is as it should be.

Hopefully I'll see fewer awful movies in 2008, although Cloverfield is an early contender for next year's list.


cjkennedy said...

Ok, now tell me again why you saw Norbit..?

Jeff McMahon said...

Morbid curiosity and one of Armond White's bizarrely raving reviews. Also probably some Jeff Wells backlash.

cjKennedy said...

Wells was dead wrong about Cloverfield...I'd give him credit for The Orphanage, but I'm still so annoyed at his profound misunderstanding of Guillermo del Toro.