Monday, November 16, 2009

Uninvited (1988) Trailer

Okay, bear with me - today is the birthday of character actor Clu Gulager, who I don't actually know, but have seen many times at the New Beverly Theater where he's a regular. He seems to be a great guy, and he was in a lot of movies, of which this - Uninvited - is perhaps my favorite. It's about a genetically engineered cat that, when angry, launches another, smaller, evil radioactive cat out of its mouth that proceeds to kill people. So this blog posting is in honor of him.

And yeah, I intend to have some real content up here again soon.


Joel E said...

That made my day.

Sam Juliano said...

Fantastic, stupendous, extraordinary overdue news!!!!!!

My favorite TV show of all-time has FINALLY been announced for release on DVD. I have purchased close to a dozen bootleg sets and have ceaselessly promoted this for many years. As I child it gave me nightmares:

Thank you to Troy Olson for the news.

Jeff McMahon said...

Thanks for the info, Sam.

Helen said...

Don't know how I missed this one!