Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Broadview Security

Anyone who watches enough basic cable has seen these ads, and I want to congratulate the fine people at Broadview Security for inventing a new subgenre: Fear Porn. Without the services of Broadview Security, you too will be the victim of a brazen daylight attack!

Basically, I think these things are terrible, blatantly exploiting peoples' (specifically women's) fears through slick filmmaking, and I hope the commercial-makers themselves were holding their noses when they cashed their checks.


Anonymous said...

Agreed. What criminal worth his salt would make sure the homeowner was home, walk past a big security sign, bust down the door....just to run away when the woman screams and the siren blares? These ads plays on the irrational fear of being accosted by a mentally retarded scaredy pants. Unless, or course, Broadview has developed a mind-control emits supersonic sounds waves that pierce the intruder's consciousness, convincing him to tuck tail and run. He probably wrote the family a nice apology note too. Way to go, Broadview!

Joel E said...

That actress is no Jodie Foster. Where's the panic room? I'm sure they offer that in their "Platinum" package. Anyway, everyone knows that any crazed stalker worth his salt isn't going to be stopped by a petty siren anyway.

Jeff McMahon said...

I mostly just object to the blatant fear-mongering at play here. I hate commercials.