Saturday, October 18, 2008

McCain on Letterman

When did it happen that comedians started doing the jobs of journalists? I know that metaphorically, it's always been the role of the jester to tell the truth in a way that the court appointees couldn't manage, but when did it happen that our custodians of truth relegated themselves so far to the back that the Stewarts, Colberts, and Lettermans have become the key truth-tellers of the current race?

I've always been a big fan of David Letterman, and events like this just make me like him and his brand of non-bullshit even more.

I also notice that McCain's anger and resentment are still expressed, passive-aggressively, in this exchange. The man is clearly unqualified to be President, more than Dole or Bush 41 or even Reagan.


Erik said...

I have this fear that McCain will somehow pull this thing out by the out-and-out fearmongering and lies the GOP is spreading now. That is their strongsuit and it is hard to combat. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Sam Juliano said...

I hear you Erik, but it ain't gonna happen. Obama will be elected on November 4th. His leads in a number of crucial states are increasing. 8 years of hell has taken its toll.