Friday, August 22, 2008

Obama's VP Pick

It'll be announced pretty soon, and basically what I'm hoping is: please not Joe Biden. The guy would make a great Secretary of State, but as a running mate he'll be boring. Obama needs to pick somebody who isn't your standard boring old white guy.

Meanwhile, I'll be perfectly happy if McCain picks the laughable Mitt Romney, so here's hoping.

In other news, soon I hope to have up reviews of Vicky Cristina Barcelona (liked it) and Transsiberian (mediocre).

Updated 8/24: Well there it is. I have to say, even though Biden didn't impress me much in the primary and I have problems with some of his positions on certain issues, at least he knows that his job now is to trash McCain, and he seems like he knows how to do that. It looks like he'll be more effective in this position than John Edwards or Joe (gag) Lieberman ever were.


Sam Juliano said...

Jeff, let me say firstly that I agree with you that TRANSSIBERIAN was mediocre.

But secondly, and far more importantly, I am fearing the worst with Obama, who I think will pick Biden. I completely agree with you that he is the WRONG choice, and he really beings little to the table in a political sense--he won't help Obama carry any extra state(s) Delaware is safe Democratic territory, but that may not mean anything to anybody. Kaine and Bayh are better as is Hillary Clinton.
I want Obama to win so badly, I hope he doesn't hurt himself by picking Biden, but word is that he will.

Craig Kennedy said...

I'm not sure what to think about this.

I think I just want the election to be over so I can decide whether I want to live in this country anymore.