Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wisdom from David Lynch

I love this man. First, on the subject of the iPhone:

The amazing thing is, in the comments section there are people who think he's wrong - 'today's consumer wants choices' blah blah blah. They're all idiots.

Next, a tidbit on product placement:

What I like here is the "What? I said it all" look at the end.


Matthew Dessem said...

Glad you tracked these down!

Erik G. said...

Both brilliant! I get into arguments all the time with people about why I don't go and download off a bit torrent the current season of Battlestar or something like that so I can see it. So I can see it? - on a tiny screen with lo-res and terrible sound? No thank you, I'll wait for the DVD to come out so I can watch it on a proper screen with proper sound. And who wants to watch movies on their phone anyway? I still just want a phone that makes calls and that is about it.

Craig Kennedy said...

The iPhone one is one of my all time favorite YouTube postings...right up there with the best of Wicker Man.

leah said...

david lynch is a god.

those clips are bloody brilliant, lynch is hilarious (and a bit of a potty mouth)