Saturday, May 10, 2008

We're living in the future

And not in the nifty, Jetsons, flying cars kind of way, but in the crass, stupid, Robocop kind of way. Or maybe real life and The Onion are just converging. Example number one: the Time Warner corporation calling for us to invade yet another country - you know, for their own good. I mean, I'm a liberal and I'm in favor of people not starving from natural disasters, but I don't want these kinds of things proposed by multinational corporations posing as 'news' organizations - even if only for rhetorical purposes.

Second, the new stories about the U.S. military subcontracting cremation of dead American soldiers to a pet crematorium. It's obnoxious enough that our government has sought to sweep the caskets of dead soldiers under the rug for the last give years, so as to keep people from noticing them at all; but to cheap out on a level like this really gives the lie to the 'support our troops' argument the Republicans have been harping on (again).


Craig Kennedy said...

Because apparently we haven't learned anything in the last five years about invading other countries to tell people how they should be living their lives.

christian said...

Bizarro days