Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Leprechaun: Back in tha Hood in Mobile, Alabama

This is fascinating to me. We're all familiar with the puff-piece news stories that take up an increasinly large amount of the nightly newscasts in between Lou Dobbs anti-immigrant rants, but apparently we've finally gotten to the point where ordinary people are casting themselves as the accomplices in these kind of good-natured wastes of time. I mean, I can understand why a person would think that they're really seeing the Virgin Mary in a tortilla, but a leprechaun in a tree in a black neighborhood in the deep South? I guess it's a kind of self-fulfilling media feedback loop: be a part of some crazy story, get on TV, watch yourself on TV being crazy, but it's all in good fun.

My favorite is the woman sitting in her car.


Matthew Dessem said...

My favorite is the Amateur Sketch. If I were running a local news station and looking to raise my profile, I'd run insane stories like this all the time. Incidentally—this story is not as crazy as the "Light the Highway" campaign. You might also enjoy this local news story about Whistle Tips, featuring Bubb Rubb, Whistle Fan. And the most useless piece of news anchor voiceover ever, "It was being installed on their car."

cjkennedy said...

Yeah, I gotta vote for the amateur sketch and the way they present it with a completely straight face.

Actionman said...

This is such a funny video; saw it last year and laughed my ass off.