Friday, December 21, 2007

The Indiewire Critics Poll

This is one of my favorite year-end lists of the year, the compilation survey that used to appear in the Village Voice but nowadays is handled by This is the only critics' circle that matters, as far as I'm concerned: these are some of the smartest writers on film, bunched together with multiple ranked lists, comments, and it's all sponsored by The Bucket List (for your consideration) so they have a sense of humor, too. My favorite bits and pieces that I've noticed so far: crazy Armond White putting I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry and The Brave One on his top ten list; Jonathan Rosenbaum choosing Black Book (yay!) and In the Valley of Elah (he should have known better); Southland Tales making it to #3 on Jim Hoberman's list; and the perverse presence on the list of such titles as Norbit, Zoo, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters.


glimmer said...

and it would have funnier id it was sponsored by 'finishing the game'

yep i'm the only person making 'finishing the game' jokes.... :)

sponsor that. :)

cjKennedy said...

I'm with you on this being the best all around list. I kind of like the Sight and Sound poll as well.

Jeff McMahon said...

I had to think long and hard before I remembered what Finishing the Game was. That movie sucked.

Anonymous said...

wait a second you seen finishing the're a hero to todays youth/i'm pretty jealous.

anyway 'that movie sucked' is pretty blurb you may make the dvd cover. ;)

but the question is does 'game' suck more than the supposed mess' of 'the bucket' ????

now we got a fight on our hand. :)

yep i joke but i still want to see 'finishing the game'

i mean seriously, could this be worse than 'atonement'. ;)

Anonymous said...

and jeff, you should thank me for getting you to remember 'finishing the game'

look you can tell all your friends how much it sucks. :)

and that's the holiday sprit.)

glimmer said...

yep those two posts were bey me.yes blogger *is* to advanced for me. thank you...