Saturday, November 17, 2007

Celebrity Sighting of the Day

Weird Al Yankovic, waiting to cross at the intersection of Franklin and Hillhurst in my neighborhood. In L.A. you mostly see celebrities in fancy public places like movie theaters or bars so to just see Mr. Dare to be Stupid tooling around on foot was especially odd.

Who else wishes he would bring back the moustache, by the way?


cjKennedy said...

I once found myself shopping for toothpaste at Ralph's next to Jon "Miller's Crossing" Polito.

Not as recognizable as Al in most circles, but to a Coen fan it's priceless and one of my favorite out-of-context celebrity moments.

I enjoy it so much, I've probably already brought it up before...

Anonymous said...

I don't miss the mustache. The goatee he sometimes grows isn't bad, though (I call it the come-and-goatee due to its occasional nature). He's probably just glad to be back in Los Angeles where his family and friends are, instead of in a tour bus in the middle of nowhere in particular.

It was an outstanding tour, though, and I hope he heads out again next spring or summer. OE

frankbooth said...

Only if the moustache is big enough to stuff in his mouth and prevent him from singing.