Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Simpsons Movie (2007)

I can't say that it's much more than an extended, above-average episode of the show, but there are ways that it transcends the standard television-viewing experience. Foremost of these is the experience of watching the Simpsons with a live theatrical audience, which was super fun. Next is the movie's gorgeous widescreen animation, colorful and sharp, giving the film an epic scope it's never had before. Finally, there's the simple fact that the extra running time means that we can spend more time luxuriating with the characters and their relationships, primarily between Homer and Marge and Homer and Bart. There have been dozens of episodes where Homer does something stupid and Marge questions whether or not she should remain with him, until he manages to redeem himself; it's probably the show's most common basic storyline, but for a reason: it works. Homer's arc is one that we can all learn from: the movement away from single-minded self-interest into selflessness and broader consciousness, from passivity to action. Of course Homer needs constant refresher courses in this lesson - we all do.

Addendum 8/6/07: One week later, and this movie has all but vacated my head.

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